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Providing Professional Speech-to-Text Transcription Services


How it Works

We provide everything you need, including all software and hardware.

Prior to utilizing services, we ship any equipment you require and schedule a 15 minute training session with the end user. During this session we inform your supported person how to access the web browser, open the audio platform, and provide our real-time support information should they ever run into issues.

For some users it is imperative that the speaker wear a wireless microphone. In this case the presenter at your location wears a lightweight wireless microphone. Once they speak, the sound is transmitted INSTANTLY over the internet to one of our staff members who transcribes the audio and sends it back for you to read in real-time.

Other users prefer our iPad option. In this instance, we only ship an iPad and instruct the end user to sit as close in proximity to the speaker as possible. This option is preferred more and more for its ease of use and convenience.

We also email you a refined copy of the transcript within 24 hours. 


Who Benefits?

 People who are:

  • Hard of hearing
  • Late Deafened
  • Deaf
  • Deaf-Blind
  • Learning Disabled
  • ESL

Our Solution

We provide you with the best free trial in the industry. In an academic setting, enjoy up to five free hours of service per full time student wanting to try the service. For meetings, we will be happy to cover up to two hours complimentary for clients who plan to be ongoing. If it is not a good fit for a particular individual, simply ship the equipment back to us.

Thinking about switching providers? If so, please email us about a very special incentive to onboard with QTS.

Our Approach

We like simplicity and efficiency. We know you don't want to have to go through 10 people to get an event scheduled or a question answered. You don't want to log into a platform to make a request. You don't want to have to wait on hold or call into an interactive voice response system. When you have a request, you email it to us and we schedule it. We ship you the required equipment. If you run into a problem, you call or text us and we fix it. Simple. Clean. Easy.

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