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Covid-19 Alert

Covid-19 is changing the educational and professional landscape on a daily basis. Many classes and meetings are moving to Zoom and other platforms. We are ready to provide you with instant communication access wherever you are.

Accurate and Secure Transcription Services

At Quality Transcription Specialists, we provide professional, real-time speech-to-text transcription services through a secure offsite web browser. Our highly trained team is dedicated to providing superior work for people wanting equal access to spoken content.


What We Do

QTS provides equal communication access to people who are Deaf and hard of hearing as well as people who have auditory processing disorders and people who are in the process of learning English. We do this by providing real time speech-to-text transcription services. Our company continues to grow in popularity among universities, colleges, school districts, government agencies, and businesses. Utilizing highly-respected software, as well as in-house transcribers, we provide clients with end-to-end service for speech-to-text communication, speech-to-text note-taking, post-production video captioning, and transcript generation.


Accurate and Secure Transcription Services

Accurate and Secure Transcription Services. At Quality Transcription Specialists, we provide professional real-time speech-to-text transcription services through a secure offsite web browser. Our highly trained team is dedicated to providing superior work for people wanting access to spoken content.


Field Leader

QTS was one of the first agencies in the nation to provide TypeWell services nationally and was THE first to provide all necessary equipment. We have been here a long time and have the technology down. Our remote technical support is the best and fastest on the market. We leverage remote access applications to fix issues in real-time and work with your technical team to get clients back up and running in the rare event access goes down.

Remote TypeWell

What is it?

TypeWell is a highly respected equal access software. In a 2004 revision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Congress specifically named TypeWell as a transcription service that meets the definition of interpreting services and should be considered as an effective tool to meet the communication access needs of students with disabilities [Section 300.34(c)(4)].

Can’t I just use a note taker?

You can certainly try this, but you will not be providing true equal access. The notes will only be as good as the note taker providing them. Using TypeWell software, QTS can ensure that you have access to all spoken content and can fully participate in the event.

How can it help me/my organization?

If your goal is to stay in compliance with accessibility laws, QTS and TypeWell can help ensure this is done.

Can’t I just use automated captions or speech recognition software?

You can if it is the only option available. Some access is always better than no access. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here though. Automated captioning is less than ideal and can be riddled with errors and omitted language. Humans are still the best access providers. Humans can correct spelling errors, errors of meaning, and contextual errors in real-time. We are also able to ask for clarification in real-time or after the event is complete. All QTS transcribers are insured to protect against errors and omissions. You don't get that with free captioning software. One day automated speech recognition software will improve and compete with humans. For now, humans are the better option.


Captioning and Live Stream

We specialize in Livestream caption capabilities in real-time. We offer post-production, open, and closed captioning as well as transcript generation. We are able to leverage our native English speaking team to garner the exact vocabulary and meaning of your recording. This results in an overall better end product for your organization.

In recent years, live streaming has become more popular, especially on YouTube. When you have this need, we can embed these captions directly into YouTube to give your live audience the equal access they require.

Should I use CART or TypeWell?

Like many things in life, it all depends. CART is word for word. TypeWell is meaning for meaning.  CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. Every false start, repetition, and utterance is parsed. A CART provider will hear and type, “Hello, everyone. I … today we are … let me start over. Today we are going to talk about radioactive isotopes to begin the class and then … we will … after that, we are going to move into the ways that gamma and beta rays play in.. are a part of them.”

A TypeWell transcriber will type “Hello, everyone. Today we are discussing radioactive isotopes and the roles gamma and beta rays play in them.”

People often know the word CART. It’s the generic/brand name in our field. Either service will work just fine to grant access with CART being the most expensive service available.

Our Solution

We provide you with the best free trial in the industry. In an academic setting, enjoy up to five free hours of service per full time student wanting to try the service. For meetings, we will be happy to cover up to two hours complimentary for clients who plan to be ongoing. If it is not a good fit for a particular individual, simply ship the equipment back to us and owe nothing.

Thinking about switching providers? If so, please email us about a very special incentive to onboard with QTS.


What impresses me with QTS is not only the quality of services provided, but the passion for access and inclusion they have for our students. They do not wait to address any issues or concerns that we have. When we run into a situation that seems daunting, QTS always seems to find a way to solve the issue in a speedy and timely fashion. The QTS team are great collaborators and have a team mentality when working with our staff.

Director of Disability Resource Center

Over the years, QTS has assisted in providing remote transcription services, but not only that, they have worked to improve our students' experiences through helping to troubleshoot technology issues, connectivity issues, and overall coordination. They also are extremely willing to work with various offices on campus to help educate, assist, and coordinate to provide the best support to students.

Manager Of Student Support Services

It has been my experience, as manager of our office, that QTS is accurate and timely with their billing, easy to reach on a moment’s notice (even in the evenings as we have had a student in night courses), and timely and responsive with the shipping of their equipment. QTS staff are patient, friendly, cooperative, and prompt!

Disability Support Services Coordinator

Our University has utilized services from Quality Transcription Specialists (QTS) for over a decade. These services include: TypeWell services and post production captioning of videos and transcripts. Students really appreciate the access that the TypeWell services provide them in their course work. We've always received the highest quality customer service from QTS, and both Disability Center staff and our students feel comfortable reaching out to Cal Hutson and his staff if we need anything. I would highly recommend QTS to other post-secondary institutions.

Deaf Services Coordinator

We have a lot of schedule changes throughout the year. Students switch classes or add classes late, faculty may cancel classes, or we may have snow days. QTS has the flexibility to accommodate these changes at no cost with 24-hour notice, which has been very important for us. The QTS staff has always been very helpful and professional when setting up students with the service and supporting them throughout their use.

Associate Director of Disability Services

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