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About Us

Cal Hutson is the owner and operator of Quality Transcription Specialists. He has more than 20 years of experience working with people who are Deaf and hard of hearing and has been a certified TypeWell transcriber since 2004.

Malonda Hutson is the office manager. She is a nationally certified sign language interpreter (NIC: Advanced) and has worked with the Deaf and hard of hearing community since 1997.

QTS was founded in 2007 when Cal recognized a need for speech-to-text services both locally and nationally. This service continues to grow in popularity among universities, colleges, school districts, government agencies and businesses.

We now have a team of highly qualified transcribers with the ability to serve clients anywhere in the English speaking world! Call us at (816) 805-8945 to tell us more about your needs. We would love to serve you.


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